Britanny Faux

​Independent Study, Temple Biochem.

In the lab 2018

Temple Biochemistry

Irem Asci

PhD student, Bioengineering Department

​Nerve role in invasion and metastasis

Theodore Tucker

Research Assistant, Temple Bio

In the lab 2017-20

​(now in Med School)

Dr. Battuya Bayarmagnai

Research Associate

Microenvironment regulated switches: cell cycle, migration & invasion

Mehak Kaur

Sophomore, Temple BioE

​Engineering Fellow

Julia Schroth

Independent Study, Temple BioE

In the lab 2016-18

Temple Bioengineering


Undergraduate Students

Seul Jung

URP Scholar, Temple Bio

In the lab 2018-19

​(now CHOP research specialist)


Dr. Ines Velazquez

Research Associate

Competing mechanical and chemical cues during invasion


Graduate Students

Anna Brantefors

​Honors student, Lund U.

​In the lab Spring 2015

​(now at Lund Uni., Sweden)

Aksah Varghese

Sophomore, Temple BioE

​UG Research Assistant

Kamyar Esmaeili

PhD student, 2015-2019

(now at Tan lab, CHOP, Philly)

Audrey Pierce

Independent Study, Temple BioE

In the lab Fall 2018

(now Associate Scientist, Eurofins)

Felix Toenisen

​Honors student, Radboud U.

​In the lab Summer 2015

(now PhD student, Radboud)

Eric J Mikitka

Merit Scholar, Temple BioE

​In the lab 2015-17

​​​(now at GSK)

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Emily Kight

T34-MARC Fellow (NIH)

In the lab 2016-18

(now NSF Fellow, Vanderbilt)

Thomas Gillin

AHA Fellow, Temple BioE

​In the lab Summer 2016-17

(co-supervised w/ Darvish lab, ME)


Dr. Bojana Gligorijevic
Associate Professor & Director of Light Microscopy

Bioengineering Department, Temple University
Primary Member, Cancer Biology Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Member, Invadosome Consortium
1947 N 12th St., Room 810
19122 Philadelphia, PA

Tiffany Nguyen

Merit Scholar, Temple Bio

In the lab 2016-17

​(now Temple Med School)

Louisiane Perrin

PhD student, Bioengineering Department

Temple University Fellow

​Negative feedback during invasion