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Curriculum Vitae

05/2007 PhD, Georgetown University (Washington DC), Department of Chemistry
Thesis “Quantitative Multidimensional Spinning Disc Confocal Microscopy of live, intraerythocytic P. falciparum”
07/2005 M.Sci degree- Georgetown University, Department of Chemistry
05/2000 B.Sci, University of Belgrade (Serbia), Department of Chemistry, Listed as No.5/341 students
Honors thesis "Isolation and Identification of compounds found in Lilium cattaniae”
Research experience
1998-2000 Undergraduate research assistant, University of Belgrade, Department of Chemistry
1999            Research Assistant, Federal Bureau for Measurements and Precious Metals, Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation
2000-2002  Research Talent, Military Medical Academy, Poison Control Center, Laboratory of Toxicology Research, Serbia
2001-2002  Research Talent, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology, Department of Environmental Engineering
2002-2007  PhD student, Georgetown University, Department of Chemistry, Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
2007-2012  Post-doctoral fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Program in Microenvironment and Metastasis
2012- 2015 Research Fellow, Albert Einstein, Department of Systems & Computational Biology

2015-           Assistant Professor, Bioengineering Department, Temple Univeristy;

                    Cancer Biology Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center 

Honors and Awards

2016- Concern Foundation Conquer Cancer Now Junior Investigator Award

2013- K99/R00 Transition to Independence Award, NCI, NIH
2010-2012 Charles H Revson Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences Program

2010 Dennis Shields Award Postdoctoral Research Prize (3 annual recipients, 5K for personal use)

2009-2010 Concept Award, Breast Cancer Research Program DOD
2008 5th Annual Belfer Travel Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Research (top 3%)
2007 Research Travel Grant, Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GUGSAS)
2003-2007 Research Fellowship, GUGSAS
2002 Exceptional Graduate Student (top 2%), Espenscheid Fellowship, Georgetown University
2000-2002 Research Fellowship, University of Belgrade
2000-2002 Research Talent Fellowship, Military Medical Academy (Belgrade, Serbia)
1990 Junior Scientist Award “Nikola Tesla”, Belgrade City Council

Service and affiliations
2018 Early Career Reviewer, NCI, Study Section on Tumor Metastasis and Progression

2017 National Science Institute of Poland, Expert Reviewer

​2016-2018 Swiss National Science Foundation, Expert Reviewer

2016 Reviewer, American Cancer Society, Study Section on Cancer Structure and Metastasis

2015 Scientific Committee Member and Organizer, Invadosome Consortium Meeting 2015 
2015 Panel Member, NSF Graduate Fellowship Program, Systems Biology Division

2013-2014 Panel Member, AACR Landon Foundation Junior Faculty Grants in Tumor Microenvironment

2010 Organizing Committee Member, Tumor Microenvironment Network Junior Investigator Meeting 
2010 Judge, New York City Science and Engineering Fair 

2009 Panel Member, NSF Academic Research Infrastructure-ARI-R2, Chemistry Division 

Ad hoc reviews: Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Protocols, Cancer Research, Journal of Cell Biology, Plos One, Plos Biology, Scientific Reports, Cell Adhesion and Migration, International Journal of Cancer, SNSF Awards

Invadosome Consortium (2013-), Biophysical Society (2007-), American Society of Cell Biology (2007-), American Chemical Society (since 2005), NY Society of Experimental Microscopists (2007-), NY Academy of Science (2007-), Sigma Xi (2008-)

Invited Talks

01/2015 Speaker, Gordon Research Conference on Directed Cell Migration

12/2014 Speaker, 54th Annual Meeting of American Society of Cell Biology , Philadelphia, PA

​04/2014 Invited Speaker, 105th Annual Meeting, AACR, Intravital Imaging of Cancer at High Resolution Symposia, Chair: Erik Sahai.
02/2014 Invited Seminars, France: IECB, Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (University of Bordeaux) and
Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (Toulouse)
01/2014 Invited Speaker, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Columbus, Ohio, Emphasis Program in Frontiers in Imaging, Mathematics and the Life Sciences, Workshop 1: “Visualizing and Modeling Cellular and Sub-Cellular Phenomena”
Link to talk
10/2013 Invited Speaker, Biannual Meeting of Invadosome Consortium, Amsterdam, Netherlands: “Tumor cell motility in Microenvironment Context: From Intravital Microscopy to Systems Behavior”
06/2013 Invited Speaker, Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Cell Biology, Nagoya, Japan: “Invadopodia in vivo: From Intravital Microscopy to Systems Behavior”
10/2011 Invited Lecture, Science for Artists Workshop, New York: “Principles of optical microscopy and imaging of cancer”
08/2011 Speaker, Meeting of DOD Breast Cancer Research program, Florida: “N-WASP-mediated invadopodium formation is necessary for intravasation and lung metastasis of mammary tumors” and “A new chemotaxis device for cell migration studies”
05/2011 Invited Speaker, Annual SID Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona: “Tumor cell motility in intravasation microenvironments”
10/2010 Speaker, Frontiers in Tumor Progression organized by Nature Publishing and National Cancer Institute of Spain (CNIO), Madrid, Spain: “An intravital imaging study: tumor cell motility in invasion and intravasation microenvironments”
05/2010 Speaker, National Cancer Institute Tumor Microenvironment Network Junior Investigator Meeting, New York, NY: “Intravital imaging of tumor invasion and intravasation microenvironments”
07/2009 Speaker, Beatson International Cancer Conference, Glasgow, Scotland:“Intravital imaging and photomanipulation of tumor intravasation microenvironment”, B. Gligorijevic, D. Entenberg, D. Kedrin, J. Segall, J. van Rheenen, J. Condeelis
07/2009 Invited Speaker, Microscopy and Microanalysis annual meeting, Richmond, VA: “Intravital imaging and photomanipulation of tumor intravasation microenvironment”
05/2009 Colloqium, Center for Systems Biology, MGH, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA: “Photoconversion in vivo and mammary imaging window technology”
12/2008 Speaker, 48th ASCB meeting, “Imaging and Biosensors” Minisymposium, San Francisco, CA: “Determining spatial and temporal limits of intravasation microenvironment” B. Gligorijevic, D. Kedrin, J. Wyckoff, J. Segall, J. van Rheenen, J. Condeelis. Chosen as NEWSWORTHY (10/1,200 abstracts) to be in ASCB Press Release.
09/2008 Coloqium, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Science: "Era of visual biology: Defining tumor microenvironments and tumor cell fate mapping using intravital two-photon microscopy"